Senior Services

Connie Page is here to help you find and secure the new living situation that best suits the changing needs and abilities of your loved ones as they age. This can be a challenging time full of questions such as "Are my parents in need of a change in living space?", "How much do I prep and invest in a property to get maximum interest and profits?", and "What do I do with all this stuff?"

Compassionate, candid, and experienced, Connie Page provides maximum flexibility to clients and their families, offering the possibility of an advance on cleanup and sale prep of up to $5000, as well as a donation of up to $1000 of toward the charity of the seller's choice. Connie Page efficiently guides clients through this transitional period with individualized plans, downloadable ebooks, property valuation, referrals to other trusted professionals throughout the process, as well as a blog with current resources and information geared toward seniors.

Connie Page offers additional services upon request. This includes engaging, current, and trending national, regional, or local content for your website, blog, newsletters, or direct mail. Similarly, contact Connie and her team for participation as a panelist, guest speaker or guest blogger for your events and communication outreach.

Get 3 Free Books!

Get instant access to the following books:
Moving in the Right Direction
Guiding Our Parents In The Right Direction
A Guide To Navigating Your Inherited Home Sale

Individualized Plans

Work with your client and their family to create an individualized plan for their ‘Next Step’ move

Property Valuations

Residential, Land and Commercial

Sale Prep Advance

In some cases, we provide advances of up to $5000 for property clean up and sale prep.

An extensive network of referrals

  • Community Placement Consultants
  • In Home Care Providers
  • Contractors & Handymen
  • Property Clean - up & Trash Hauling
  • Gardeners
  • Move Managers & Packers
  • Organizers
  • Estate Sale & Estate Appraisal Companies
  • Tax planners & Advisors
  • Estate, Trust and Probate Attorneys
  • Property Staging Experts
  • Mobile Notary
IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be aware that the information on this page is delivered without warranty or guarantee of accuracy. It’s provided to help you learn more and formulate specific questions to discuss with your attorney and/or your Real Estate Professional and/or to help a personal representative, executor or executrix when executing their challenging responsibilities. By accessing this page, you acknowledge that it has been provided for information only and that you are hereby advised that any decisions regarding probate issues should be discussed with an attorney and/or a Real Estate Professional.

If you have any questions about the probate process or would like to speak with a Certified Professional Real Estate professional about your specific probate needs, please use the following form to get in touch. We can also be reached directly at (760)-672-2223.